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2018 Holy Week Concert

7:30 p.m. Central Time
Tuesday, 27 March 2018
Venue: To Be Announced
Under the Direction of DCCC Associate Conductor Gail Vornkahl

Rehearsal begins 7:00 p.m. CST on Tuesday, 9 January 2018, at First Presbyterian Church in Kingsford, Michigan. If you can sing chorally and want to, join. Once a member, other opportunities exist. If you have questions, contact DCCC Musical Director and Principal Conductor Crystal Hogan or the spring concert's director and conductor Gail Vornkahl. Or just show up at rehearsal.

Dickinson County Community Chorus in concert, Holy Week 2017, Norway, Michigan

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Announcement Regarding the Venue for the Holy Week Concert:

Updates, clarifications, and explanations.

A rumor, misinformation, an inaccuracy -- whatever you want to call it -- persists that the Iron Mountain Area Clergy Association (IMACA) and Dickinson County Community Chorus's (DCCC's) traditional Holy Week service for 2018 will be held at Saint Mary and Saint Joseph Church in Iron Mountain.

This is untrue. The event will NOT be at Saint Mary and Saint Joseph's.

My postings this week are attempts to effectively get the public's attention and emphasize what clearly has not been sinking in since the Christmas concert at the end of November: No, the Lenten concert-service will NOT be at Saints Mary and Joseph's. Period.

Please, if you know of any party (organization, municipality, agency, church, school, etc.) who has this on its activities calendar or is matter-of-factly telling people that the event is at this parish -- understandably just out of force of habit after several decades -- let me know so I can correct it. The clergy association and chorus's concert-service will NOT be at Saint Mary and Saint Joseph's parish this spring.

Last summer I stood at Lake Antoine's stage one July evening and directed all of the people -- those who didn't get the word and came to the 2017 Music Under the Stars concert at the park -- to the location DCCC had moved the concert. On March 27 I'd prefer to be at Holy Tuesday's concert-service rather than on the front steps of Saint Mary and Saint Joseph's, directing misinformed audience members to Saint Elsewhere instead.

Along these same lines, there are rumors where the concert-service WILL be other than at Saints Mary and Joseph. And each rumor is a different church! I think we've nipped these in the bud.

DCCC's directors have not yet chosen a location for the concert-service. Nay, not one!

Some places on the list, however, have been scratched because of conflicting schedules and limited capacities. Crystal today had a promsing meeting about another excellent possibility, and on the list remain some other terrific choices. The directors are working steadily at finding and choosing a venue, but they're not rushing because they want to make sure a venue meets all of their criteria, then make the best possible choice among venues that do. Check the chorus's website or keep an eye on social media and traditional media for a prompt announcement once Crystal, Gail, and John have reached a decision.

Also, Caryn Carlson of Saint Mary and Saint Joseph yesterday commented in the thread of a Facebook posting about not singing at her church. Most readers don't see a comment buried in a thread so I wanted to bring it up to the surface's air and light for her and for those interested in this issue. She listed two reasons why Father Romanek, the church's pastor, chose in 2017 and recently for 2018 not to host the concert-service. (Maria Erickson later graciously posted an informative comment about a church meeting with the pastor last year and that he listed a series of reasons, but DCCC -- and IMACA to the best of my knowledge -- unfortunately has no record of that meeting.)

One: "As Catholic Christians the purpose and character of our church is for Divine Worship and the Sanctuary is to be treated with the greatest respect. Imagine the sadness to find out the Altar was being treated as a common household table." (I don't know what alleged incident or incidents she's referring to or any details about this issue and I'm not interested in pursuing it -- to the best of my knowledge, neither are the directors of DCCC. It apparently dates back to 2016 or before because there's been no DCCC event at the church since then. To pursue it will be contentious and improve nothing, in my opinion, and only exacerbate a problem that should've been nipped in the bud and today shouldn't even exist. To pursue it would be pointless, anyway, due to the second reason.)

Two: "Although Sacred music is a treasure and very important in the context of the liturgy, Holy Week is not the time to be hosting a concert in the Church, it is a penitential time."

So there you are. (Thanks, Caryn.) For those who want reasons why the event is not being held at Saint Mary and Saint Joseph's church, here you go, right from the horse's mouth. Or, actually, from the horse's representative's mouth. Now no one has to speculate any longer. Everyone can concentrate instead on preparing the annually superlative concert-service that IMACA and DCCC produce at whatever place they produce it.

Just a word of foresight and advice, though: if there's an altar anywhere near where you're rehearsing, reading, praying, or performing, please be careful how you treat it and please show it -- and everything else where you are -- the respect your host expects and deserves.

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Sounds of Christmas 2017

A Facebook Photo Album

Click or tap here.

"Congratulations, thank you, and way to go, Dickinson County Community Chorus, for a terrific Christmas concert tonight. The full house was a terrific audience tonight, too, and that always adds to the electricity of the event. Thereíll be a lot more pictures to follow soon, but meanwhile I think everyone involved is in one or both of the two large-group photos here. John asked for a photo of Community Chorusís three current directors, so, from the left: Crystal Hogan (princip...al), John Calo (assistant and principal emeritus), and Gail Vornkahl (associate). The two smiling and lovely young women in the fourth picture were just a couple of passersby the camera jumped out of my hands of its own volition and took a picture of by itself. :-)  Actually, the one on the right is Ruth Knutson and she was the concertís accomplished harpist. On the left is her sister Beth (in the audience tonight, but an accomplished musician herself.) Tuesday is DCCCís final performance of The Sounds of Christmas 2017 at Kingsford High School at 7:00 p.m." (Post-performance Facebook posting, Monday, November 27. Click on or tap on the following pix to see the concert's photo album.)

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