Dickinson County Community Chorus




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The Dickinson County Community Chorus


Face the Cross

An Ecumenical Choral Service

Crystal Hogan, Musical Director & Conductor

7:00 PM, April 3, 2007
Saints Mary and Joseph Church, Iron Mountain, Michigan

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Bonnie Anderson
Roxanne Anderson
Nancy Cahee
Tiffany Darling
Arlene Flom
MaryAnne Jacobson
Sunny Johnson
Kathy Marinich
Susan Martin


Shirley Nelson
Dorothy Peterson
Barb Rice
Anita Ruohomaki
Shirley Schultz
Cheryl Swan
Jacelyn Swan
Maureen Tercha
Wendy Welch


Connie Balzola
Kristin Deacon
Virginia Feleppa
Doris Kramer
Kathy Kulas
Lorna March


Karen McCorkle
Beverly Miller
Marge Schmutzler
Donna Sokol
Karyn Wahlstrom
~ ~ ~


John Calo
Bill DeVoe
Joe McKindles


Boyd Thomas
Rosemary VanPeymbrock
Warren Weber


Bob Anderson
Dan Cahee
Bill Davis
Dennis Fraker
Frank Irish
Francis Miller
Daniel Pedo


Ben Poquette
Bill Rice
Denny Scelonge
Paul Schuiteman
Pat Spice
Chad Wartick
~ ~ ~

The Program

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Face the Cross: An Ecumenical Choral Service

Dickinson County Community Chorus

Crystal Hogan, Musical Director & Conductor

Dorothy Pavlik, Primary Piano Accompanist

Kathy Kulas, Page-turner
Cathy Spice, Page-turner

Brass Quartet: Barb Rice, Trumpet; Lorna March, Trumpet; Bill DeVoe, Trombone; Paul Schuiteman, Tuba


Prelude Music


01  Mary's Song ... Unknown composer and arranger
Soloist: Wendy Welch | Accompanist: Mary Lee

02  In All Our Grief ... Charles R. Anders
Flute solo: Chad Wartick | Accompanist: Karen McCorkle

03  One Lonely Night ... Joseph Martin
            Duet: Kathy Marinich & Joe McKindles | Accompanist: Mary Lee

04  Andante Amabile ... G.A. Telemann
            Oboe solo: Cathy Spice | Accompanist: Dorothy Pavlik

05  At the Cry of the First Bird ... David W. Guion
            Solo: Lorna March

06  Meditation ... E.K. Ellington
            Duet: Ron & Dorothy Pavlik

07  Reflection ... Giovanni Tocca
            Duet: Ron & Dorothy Pavlik

08  How Beautiful ... Twila Paris
            Solo: Nancy Cahee | Accompanist: Dorothy Pavlik


The Holy Week Service


09  Processional: When I Survey the Wondrous Cross ... I. Watts & L. Mason
            Brass quartet & audience

10  Calvary Invitation ... Craig Courtney & Pamela Martin

11  This Lonesome Valley ... Jean Anne Shafferman
            Soloists: Karyn McCorkle & Boyd Thomas

12  The Lord Is My Shepherd ... John Rutter
            Oboe: Cathy Spice

13  The Old Rugged Cross ... Vicki Wright

14  When Jesus Wept ... William Billings; arr. Philip Kern
            Solist: Nancy Cahee

15  The Lamb of God ... Twila Paris; arr. Craig Courtney
            Flute: Chad Wartick

16  Where Has My Savior Gone? ... John Parker & Davic Lantz
            Soloist: Lorna March

17  Bouree ... G.F. Handel
            Oboe solo: Cathy Spice

18  The Days of Christ ... Craig Courtney

19  Face the Cross ... Scott and Ruth Elaine Schram
            Soloists: Kathy Marinich & Joe McKindles

20  Recessional: Beneath the Cross of Jesus ... E.C. Clephane & R.C. Maker
            Brass quartet & audience


Postlude Music


21  Were You There? ... Traditional spiritual
            Brass quartet