Dickinson County Community Chorus




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The Dickinson County Community Chorus


Golgotha in Bethlehem

An Ecumenical Choral Service

Crystal Hogan, Musical Director & Conductor

7:00 PM, March 30, 2010
Saints Mary and Joseph Church, Iron Mountain, Michigan

The Program

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Golgotha in Bethlehem

Dickinson County Community Chorus

Crystal Hogan, Musical Director & Conductor

Dorothy Pavlik, Piano Accompanist

Recorded by Boyd Thomas

Prelude Music

Our Father

What a Friend

How Beautiful

Above All

Panis Angelicus

Oh the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus

Sweet Little Jesus Boy

The Holy Week Service

Thou Didst Leave Thy Throne

I Hear the Prophet Calling

Once Upon a Time

Golgotha in Bethlehem

Upon This Rock

Ride On, King Jesus

Trust in the Lord Our God

Celtic Communion

We Remember


He Never Said a Mumbalin Word

God So Loved the World

What Deep and Wondrous Love

Fairest Lord Jesus