Dickinson County Community Chorus




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The Dickinson County Community Chorus


Sounds of Christmas 2011

7:00 PM, November 28 and 29, 2011
Auditorium, Kingsford High School, Kingsford, Michigan

John R. Calo, Principal Conductor
~ ~ ~
Crystal Hogan, Associate Conductor
Gail Vornkahl, Assistant Conductor
Jean Panek, Accompanist
Boyd Thomas, Assistant Accompanist
Tom Martin, Narrator


Bonnie Anerson
Nancy Antonetti
Patricia Bolzenthal
Claudia Borntrager
Tiffany Darling
Sandy Festian
Charlene Green
Lily Henke
Crystal Hogan
Mary Anne Jacobson
Raina Johnson
Sunny Johnson
Jeana Klingelhutz
Molly Malone
Kathleen Marinich
Myrna McNamee


Shelley Myllyla
Antonette Nelson
Shirley Nelson
Elise Neuens
Dorothy Peterson
Kathleen Pipp
Anita Ruohomaki
Shirley Schultz
Zoe Shampo
Patty Smith
Maureen Tercha
Mari Lynn Van Ginkel
Gail Vornkahl
Patti Warrington
Wendy Welch


Connie Anderson
Gen Angeloff
Bonnie Baciak
Connie Balzola
Jay Cayemberg
Mary Couper
Alyce Derwinski
Sarah Giddings
Jeanne Johnson
Doris Kramer
Kathy Kulas
Cindy LaFleur
Hannah Malone
Lorna March


Kathy Martin
Diane Mattson
Karen McCorkle
Beverly Miller
Kaye Miziniak
Jessa Neuens
Kristin Novara
Lola Nyland
Kathy Olson
Sophie Smith
Donna Sokol
Jennifer Spreen
Lisa Swanson
Cindy Throm


John Calo
Jayne Huotari
Chris Johnson
Rose Marie Lundell


Joe McKindles
Earl Scheidt
Daniel Throm
Rosemary VanPeymbrock


Dale Borntrager
Jeff DeRidder
Dennis Fraker
Dean Hendrickson
Colin Henke


Francis Miller
Denny Scelonge
Paul Schuiteman
Pat Spice
Boyd Thomas

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by
G. Kippola, North Star Studio, Marquette, Michigan

<Converted to .mp3 audio files and published here by CommunityChorus.org>

The Program

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01  Angels' Gloria ... Arr. L. Farnell

02  Chosen Mary, Chosen One ... J. Martin

03  Goin' to Bethlehem ... J. Althouse

04  O Be Joyful ... French Carol / Willet
            Conductor: Crystal Hogan
            Classical Guitar: Thomas Niebrzydowski

05  Fall on Your Knees ... P. Choplin
            Flute: Theresa Ozzello ... Oboe: Cathy Spice ... Clarinet: Nancy DeKoster ... Cello: Miriam Edwards ...
            String Bass: Karen McCorkle ... Piano: Jean Panek ... Harp: Sandy Sullivan ... Percussion: Brandon

06  Shepherd's Pipe Carol ... J. Rutter
            Flute: Theresa Ozzello
            Conductor: Gail Vornkahl

07  African Alleluia ... B. Harlan
            Percussion: Brandon Jerue, Emily Ritsema, Cathy Spice ... Bass: Karen McCorkle

08  Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas ... arr. T. Fettke and T. Grassi
            Percussion: Brandon Jerue ... Bass: Karen McCorkle

09  The Red, Red Cutter ... Iris Bates / arr. Crystal Hogan
            Conductor: Crystal Hogan
            Recorder: Pam Trask ... Guitar: Thomas Niebrzydowski ... Percussion: Brandon Jerue ... Bass: Karen

10  Hallelujah Chorus from the Messiah ... G. Handel

11  Silent Night

12  White Christmas

13  Sleigh Bells ... Russian Folk Tune
            Dennis Fraker, Chris Johnson, Joe McKindles ... Piano: Mary Lee

14  Here Comes Sata Claus ... G. Autry and O. Haldeman
            Hannah Malone, Molly Malone, Zoe Shampo, Sophie Smith ... Piano: Boyd Thomas

15  In the Bleak Midwinter ... Arr. J. Rouse
            Tiffany Darling, Dennis Fraker, Sarah Giddings, Dean Hendrickson, Joe McKindles, Jen Spreen,
            Boyd Thomas, Gail Vornkahl

16  Ave Maria ... F. Schubert and C. Saint-Saens
            Laurie March, Lorna March ... Piano: Jean Panek

17  The Christmas Wish ... Arr. Crystal Hogan
            Crystal Hogan, Sunny Johnson, Karen McCorkle

18  Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas ... Blane and Martin
            Classical Guitar: Thomas Niebrzydowski 

19  All I Want Is Nuttin'! ... Arr. S. Albrecht
            Shirley Schultz and Earl Scheidt ... Piano: Boyd Thomas